Doggy Daycare NZ is the place to find your pup’s new home away from home. We understand that you want only the best for your four-legged friend, and we’re here to help make sure they get it. With our comprehensive listings of doggy daycares throughout New Zealand, you can trust us to guide you in finding a quality facility that meets all of your furry pal’s needs.

We know how important it is for pet parents to have peace of mind about their beloved pup when they can’t be around. That’s why each listing on has been carefully selected based on criteria such as size and location, so you don’t have to worry about doing extra research or comparison shopping yourself. Plus, we offer reviews and ratings from people who have actually used these facilities — giving you an insider perspective on what kind of service each one provides.

At, we go out of our way to provide Kiwis with access to reliable information about doggy daycares near them — so they can rest assured knowing their pup will be safe and well taken care of while they are away at work or school. So if you’re looking for a great place to take your pup during the day, look no further than!

Doggy Daycare In Auckland

Are you looking for the best doggy daycare in Auckland? With so many options, it can be hard to choose. is here to help! Our comparison website makes finding the perfect doggy daycare easy and efficient. We provide unbiased reviews on all of the top-rated dog daycares in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch – making sure your pup gets exactly what they need from their time away from home.

Whether you’re a busy professional or just want some extra time for yourself, our extensive list of doggy daycare providers will make sure you have plenty of choices. Choose from facilities that offer group play sessions alongside individualised care tailored to your pet’s needs. You’ll find everything from 24/7 supervision and grooming services to puppy socialisation classes at many locations around New Zealand. No matter where you live, there’s bound to be an option nearby that meets your criteria. Start comparing today and find the perfect fit for your furry friend!

Doggy Daycare In Christchurch

Doggy Daycare in Christchurch is an amazing experience for the pampered pooch. With plenty of options to choose from, you can find the perfect spot for your pup and make sure they are well taken care of during their stay. Here are just a few reasons why Christchurch has some of the best doggy daycares:

• Professional staff – All doggy daycare centres have experienced and knowledgeable staff who will ensure that all your pup’s needs are met while at the facility.

• Safe environment – Safety is always top of mind when selecting a doggy daycare centre and many facilities in Christchurch offer secure spaces with modern surveillance systems and locks on doors.

• Group activities – Many doggy daycare centres provide group activities such as agility courses, swimming pools, dog parks and other fun activities which help to keep your pup entertained throughout the day.

• Nutritious meals – Dog owners can rest assured knowing that their furry friends will be receiving nutritious meals prepared by certified chefs each day.

• Flexible pick-up/drop off times – Most centres offer flexible drop-off/pick-up times so pet parents can adjust their schedules accordingly.
Christchurch offers something for every dogs’ taste – whether it’s a relaxing spa treatment or simply spending quality time outdoors playing fetch with new friends. Whether you’re looking for a permanent home away from home for your fur baby or if you need temporary lodging while travelling, there’s no better place than Christchurch to get everything you need for your beloved canine companion. Additionally, those living outside of Christchurch can also take advantage of excellent doggy daycare services in nearby Hamilton or Tauranga.
With lots of love and attention available in one convenient location, choosing is an easy decision when it comes to finding the right fit for your pup. Now let’s take a look at what Wellington has to offer…

Doggy Daycare In Wellington

Discover the perfect doggy daycare in Wellington and keep your pup active and healthy. At, we make it easy for you to find the best care for your furry friend so that they can have a fun-filled day with their mates.

Wellington is known for its incredible outdoor activities and dog parks, making it an ideal city for exploring with pups. Whether you’re looking for some canine companionship or just want to give Fido a chance to burn off some energy during playtime, there are plenty of great options here. From small boutiques to larger facilities offering all kinds of services, you’ll be sure to find something that suits both you and your pup.

At, we understand how important it is to feel safe leaving your beloved pet behind while you’re away from home—which is why we only list trusted establishments in our directory that guarantee quality care. Browse through our selection of doggy daycares around Wellington today and start planning an outing full of tail wags.

Doggy Daycare In Tauranga

Welcome to and your search for doggy daycare in Tauranga. We know you want the best care possible for your furry friends, and we’re here to help you find it.

The Bay of Plenty is home to some incredible pet-friendly places that will delight both you and your pup. From spacious outdoor facilities with plenty of running space, to cozy indoor spaces perfect for cuddling up on a rainy day – there’s something for everyone in Tauranga. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Offers an array of activities including swimming pools, agility courses, biking trails and more
  • Provides socialisation opportunities through daily playgroups with other pups
  • Accommodates all dog breeds and sizes with designated areas designed specifically for each group
  • Has certified staff members who specialise in canine behaviour and nutrition
  • Implements safety protocols such as providing flea treatments before admittance
    In addition, many centres offer additional services like grooming or training classes so your pup can stay happy and healthy while they’re away from home. Whether you need full-time or part-time care, our listings will give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved companion is in good hands when they go off to doggy daycare.

When it comes time to pick out the right centre for your pooch, take into consideration their size, breed, energy level and specific requirements so that they receive the best care possible. With at your fingertips, finding the perfect spot has never been easier. Now let’s explore what Hamilton has to offer…

Doggy Daycare In Hamilton

Hamilton is the fourth largest city in New Zealand, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of doggy daycare options. has done all the hard work to compare and rate dog daycares in Hamilton, helping Kiwis make an informed decision about where their pup will be spending their days.

From large facilities with a range of activities and socialisation opportunities, to smaller establishments offering one-on-one care for dogs who need extra attention or specialised care; we’ve got you covered! We understand how important your pup’s safety and happiness is, so you can rest assured knowing our team have inspected each facility carefully before recommending them on our website.

Doggy Daycare NZ also offers additional services such as pick up and drop off, pet grooming, dog walking and even overnight stays – perfect if you’re away from home but don’t want to leave your furry friend alone. With some of the best doggy daycare locations in New Zealand right here in Hamilton, why not browse through our listings today? Your pup deserves only the best – let us help you find it.

Doggy Daycare In Nelson

“A dog is man’s best friend,” and what better way to show your furry pal some love than with doggy daycare in Nelson. is the ultimate source for finding the perfect place where you can leave your pup while you’re away – giving them comfort, companionship, exercise, and lots of fun activities that will keep their tails wagging all week long.

We’ve taken a lot of the legwork out of researching local options by compiling detailed profiles on each centre so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you and your beloved pooch. We cover everything from location to opening hours, qualifications of staff, training credentials, special offers, pricing plans, facilities available and even customer reviews. All this information allows our users to compare services side-by-side before committing to any particular provider. With at your fingertips, it couldn’t be easier to find exactly what your four-legged family member needs.

What To Look For In A Dog Daycare

Choosing the right doggy daycare for your pup can be daunting. But here at, we’re ready to help you make an informed decision that will work best for your furry friend. Here are some of the things you should look out for when selecting a daycare:

First and foremost, safety is paramount so it is important to check out each facility carefully before choosing one. Make sure all staff members have been background checked and qualified in pet care and management as well as first aid. You also want to ensure that there are plenty of activities available to keep your pup entertained throughout their stay – from agility training to swimming lessons. Look for facilities with top-notch play equipment, grooming services and enrichment programs designed specifically for dogs.

It’s also essential to find a space where your dog feels comfortable and safe around other animals – after all, this is their home away from home. Ask questions about the size of the groups they accept into their program, how long each session lasts, if they use any kind of behavioural techniques or rewards system while managing the group dynamics etc. All these points will contribute towards making sure your pup has a positive experience every time they visit.

Once you’ve found the perfect environment for them, it’s just as important to establish clear communication between yourself and the team looking after them on a daily basis. Having someone who understands both you and your pup’s needs means that everyone involved can rest assured knowing that everything is taken care of properly during their stay – giving peace of mind to both owners and pups alike. With these key considerations in mind, let’s explore how understanding your dog’s body language can help build stronger relationships between pets and people alike.

How To Read Your Dog’s Body Language

Did you know that dogs have about 100 different ways to communicate with one another and us? This means we can learn how to read their body language and understand them better. Here at, we’ve put together a few tips on understanding your pup’s behaviour and helping you build an even closer bond with him or her.

The first step is being aware of the position of your pup’s ears and tail when he or she interacts with people or other animals. Ears held back and low are generally signs of fear or submission whereas upright ears indicate alertness and curiosity. A wagging tail usually shows excitement but if it’s tucked between the legs then this could be a sign of stress or anxiety.

It’s also important to pay attention to the way they move around you – do they come close in order to get pats and cuddles? Or do they take some steps back as soon as you reach out for a hug? Understanding these subtle cues helps us create a safe space where our furry friends will feel comfortable expressing themselves freely without any judgement.

Making sure that our canine buddies feel secure in our environment is key to building trust between humans and pets alike. With that said, let’s explore the benefits of dog play – activities such as fetching, tug-of-war, hide & seek etc which help strengthen bonds between pet parent and pup.

The Benefits Of Dog Play

The benefits of doggy playtime are clear and abundant. Doggy daycare provides a safe space to let your dogs socialise with other furry friends, while also receiving the exercise they need. Here are some key advantages of enrolling in doggy day care:

  1. Exercise – Regular play sessions encourage physical activity that helps keep them fit, healthy and strong.
  2. Socialisation – Playing with other dogs is an important part of growing up as it teaches canine manners and proper behaviour around people and animals alike.
  3. Stimulation – Not only does playing help give your pup mental stimulation but it can also assist in preventing boredom-related destructive behaviours like chewing furniture or digging holes in the garden.
  4. Confidence Building – By exposing pups to different environments and situations during their play time, this will help build confidence which often translates into better interactions with humans too.

Playing is essential for all puppies; not just because it’s fun but because it ensures they stay physically active, mentally stimulated and emotionally balanced throughout their life cycle. This makes doggy daycare a great option for Kiwis who want to ensure their dog has every opportunity to lead a happy and contented life. Socialising your pooch with other dogs is one of the most rewarding activities you can enjoy together — both socially and emotionally — so why not consider signing your furry friend up today?

Socialising Your Pooch With Other Dogs

When it comes to doggy daycare, socialising your pooch is key. You want your furry friend to feel comfortable around other dogs and people, so it’s important to find a daycare that provides plenty of opportunities for interaction. Take Fenton the Jack Russell mix from Whangarei as an example: his owners enrolled him in a nearby doggy daycare where he quickly made friends with two Papillons who were there at the same time. This gave them peace of mind, knowing their pup was having fun while they were away.

Finding a dog-friendly environment also means considering the type of activities available. Look for centres that provide supervised playtime in an outside area or inside — this gives both you and your pet more options depending on weather conditions. Many places also offer agility training which can help build confidence amongst shy pups and even teach advanced skills like obedience if needed. So when searching for the right doggy daycare, make sure you consider all these factors before making a decision. With the right place and enough time spent playing with new pals, your four-legged friend will have no trouble making some furry companions during their stay.

Creating A Fun-Filled Day For Your Furry Friend

At, we understand the importance of finding a fun-filled day for your furry friend. That’s why we provide Kiwis with all the information they need to make an informed decision on which doggy daycare is right for them and their pup.

Games & ActivitiesSoft Beds & Blankets
Outdoor SpaceRelaxing Music
Trained StaffTreats & Snacks

Your pup will enjoy our interactive environment filled with games and activities tailored to their individual needs – from chasing bubbles to puzzles and agility courses. Plus, there’s plenty of outdoor space for running around, sniffing every corner, or just taking in some fresh air. Our staff are specially trained to ensure that each pup experiences maximum enjoyment in a safe and secure setting. And when it’s time to relax, what better way than snuggling up on one of our comfy beds with soft blankets while listening to soothing music? Of course, no great day would be complete without tasty treats or snacks.

We want you and your pet to have peace of mind knowing that your four-legged family member is having a blast at So let us help make life easier by booking a trial visit today!

Making Life Easier With A Trial Visit

Making the transition to doggy daycare can be daunting for both pup and pet parent alike. But with a trial visit, you’ll get an opportunity to make sure your furry friend is in the best of hands and that they’ll have the most fun during their stay.

By visiting, you can find the best care options near you, as well as read through customer reviews – giving you peace of mind before committing to any one daycare centre. When selecting a place for your pup’s trial visit, look out for things like: location; staff qualifications; services provided; and flexible hours. This way, when it comes time to drop off Fido, everything will already feel familiar.

At we believe in making life easier – so let us help take some of the worry away by providing all the information you need about finding a great fit for your pooch’s trial visit. Now there’s nothing standing between your four-legged companion and an enjoyable experience at doggy daycare – try our comparison tool today. With this newfound knowledge under your belt, you can confidently move on towards learning more about positive reinforcement training strategies.

Positive Reinforcement Training Strategies

At, we know that your furry best friend needs positive reinforcement to learn the skills and behaviours you expect from them. After all, they can’t read our minds. That’s why we believe in using positive training strategies whenever possible – it helps create a lasting special bond between you and your pup while helping them understand their boundaries with love and care.

We understand that sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary but strive to use it sparingly because of its potential long-term effects on your pet’s emotional wellbeing. We also offer extra one-on-one sessions with experts to help you better communicate with your pup through gentle guidance rather than punishment or fear tactics. With this approach, everyone wins: Your dog learns what’s expected of them while feeling secure knowing those expectations are backed up by respect and kindness from their human companion.

Ready for the next step? Let us show you how our doggy daycares accommodate special hours for public holidays as well as any other accommodations needed for your beloved four-legged family member.

Public Holiday Hours And Special Accommodations

At, we understand that sometimes you need to make special arrangements for your pup on public holidays and other occasions. That’s why our listings feature detailed information about the holiday hours and any accommodations each day care offers.

The doggy daycares in our directory have a range of policies when it comes to public holiday hours and special accommodations. Some offer flexible drop-off times or extended stays for certain holidays, while others may require pre-booking with limited availability. With so many options available, you can be sure that there’s something for everyone.

We also know how important it is to find a team of experienced and caring professionals who will look after your beloved pet on their special days off from school or work. That’s why all of the facilities listed on are staffed by qualified individuals who love animals as much as you do – giving you peace of mind when leaving your furry friend in their capable hands.

Experienced And Caring Team Members

At, we understand that your pup’s safety and comfort is paramount when you’re entrusting them to someone else’s care. That’s why our team members are hand-selected for their:

  • Compassionate approach
  • Years of experience with animals
  • Skilled handling abilities
  • Commitment to providing the best care possible
    We strive to create a safe, loving environment for all doggy daycare clients by having professionals on staff who know how best to look after each individual animal. Our team members have dedicated themselves to giving dogs the attention they need while allowing them plenty of time and space to play and explore in a healthy way. They provide gentle guidance during activities like walks or hikes, as well as engaging games designed specifically for canine companionship. In addition, they always take into account the needs of senior animals or those with medical issues and special diets. We also ensure that facilities are regularly deep-cleaned between visits so there is never any danger posed by leftover messes or germs. With this kind of attention, you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend is receiving tender loving care and will be comfortable throughout their stay at

To make sure that every four-legged companion has an enjoyable experience while visiting us, it’s essential to keep up with local regulations concerning pet care and safety standards.

Ensuring The Safety And Comfort Of Your Four-Legged Companion

At, we understand how important it is to keep your four-legged companion safe and comfortable when they’re away from home. That’s why our team carefully evaluates each daycare centre in New Zealand based on a set of criteria that ensures the safety and comfort of every pup who visits us. We believe that every dog deserves the best care possible.

Our Evaluation Criteria:Safety & ComfortAttention & PlaytimeCleanliness & Hygiene
Secure Enclosures?YesLots Of Socialising?Cleaned Regularly?
Proper Supervision?Loving Caregivers?Control Of Fleas/Ticks?Sanitised Equipment?
Adequate Space For All Dogs?Sufficient Exercise Time?Vet Visits As Needed?No Animal Abuse Allowed?

At, we are committed to providing peace-of-mind for owners as their furry friends enjoy quality time with other pups under the supervision of experienced professionals. Our evaluation process ensures that all canine companions receive loving attention while surrounded by an environment free from harm or discomfort. With so many great doggy daycares across NZ, you can rest assured knowing you will find one perfectly suited to meet your pet’s needs. So don’t wait – let us help you find the perfect place for your precious pooch today.

Full Day And Half Day Stays

At, we understand just how important it is to find the right fit for your furry companion’s daycare needs. Whether you’re looking for a full or half-day stay, we can help you narrow down the options and choose the perfect doggy daycare near you.

We know that leaving your pup with someone else during the day isn’t easy, so we make sure all of our listed facilities meet strict criteria when it comes to safety and security protocols. All of our partner locations are equipped with professional staff who will give your pooch plenty of love and attention throughout their time there—so much so that they won’t want to leave. Our listings also include comprehensive descriptions about each facility’s amenities, allowing you to compare services at different dog daycares in your area.

When searching for a place where your canine friend can hang out while you’re away from home, outdoor space should be one of the key considerations on your list. That’s why our next section focuses on finding the right outdoor area for your furry companion’s energy levels.

The Right Outdoor Area For Your Furry Companion’s Energy Levels

Finding the right outdoor area for your pup’s energy levels during a doggy daycare session is essential. Not only does it need to be safe and secure, but also suitable for their activity level. Some dogs will benefit from larger areas with plenty of shade and running space, while others may prefer smaller enclosures or even just a garden spot.

If you’re looking for an ideal dog-daycare location that has dedicated outdoor areas, then look no further than’s directory. We have listings of local facilities that offer both indoor and outdoor play areas – so whether your pooch loves playing in the sun or prefers more confined spaces, we can help you find the perfect fit. Plus, many of our listed locations provide access to agility courses and specialised equipment designed specifically for active canine companions. So take advantage of these great features by choosing one of our recommended doggy daycares today – you won’t regret it.

Long Term Dog Boarding

At, we understand that finding the right dog boarding facility is an important decision for Kiwi pet owners. Our website helps you compare and find a place where your beloved pup can safely and happily stay while you’re away. We believe all dogs should have access to quality long-term care with plenty of space for them to socialise and play in both indoor and outdoor facilities.

When it comes to long term doggy daycare, look for places that offer spacious kennels or suites complete with comfortable bedding, regular walks around the grounds and lots of activities so your furry friend won’t get bored. Dogs need stimulation throughout their stay too – be sure the staff will give your pooch plenty of attention and interaction during their time there. After all, our four-legged friends thrive on companionship.

So if you’re looking for a safe, secure environment where your pup can relax and enjoy themselves while they are away from home, check out now to find the perfect solution for your dog’s needs. From here, you’ll discover more about indoor and outdoor facilities available at various locations across New Zealand…

Indoor And Outdoor Facilities

Imagine a secure country setting, surrounded by lush greenery and the lively chatter of your beloved pup. At, we understand how important it is to find an indoor and outdoor facility that’s just right for your four-legged friend. That’s why our comprehensive list of doggy daycares features:

  • Spacious indoor areas with plenty of room to play and explore
  • Outdoor yards so dogs can enjoy fresh air and sunshine
  • Brightly lit rooms designed specifically for puppies
  • Secure fencing in all areas to ensure safety
  • Expert staff who are trained to care for their canine guests

We know peace of mind is essential when choosing a place for your pet to have fun while you’re away. That’s why each one of our carefully selected doggy daycares offers safe, comfortable environments where pets can relax in a stress-free environment—all within a secure country setting. So let us help you choose the perfect doggy daycare where your furry pal will be treated like family.


Welcome to, New Zealand’s premier online service for finding the perfect doggy daycare in your local area. We understand that our furry friends are part of the family and deserve only the best care while we’re away; that’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the top-notch dog daycares around NZ.

No matter where you live in this beautiful country, there is sure to be an ideal option for your pup nearby. From Auckland to Christchurch, Wellington to Tauranga or Hamilton – we have something for everyone. Our directory includes detailed description, photos and contact information for each facility so you can make an informed decision about which one will suit your four legged friend just right.

At, we take pride in being able to provide Kiwis with everything they need when it comes to finding quality doggy daycare services. So don’t hesitate – start browsing now and find the perfect solution for your canine companion today!